Poetry. Winner of the 2016 Hoffer Award in Poetry & the 2016 Hoffer First Horizon Award. FEATHERBONE draws on cyborg feminism, ornithology, anatomy, and Greek mythology to imagine what might have become of a female Icarus. The action of the book attempts to slow time down, to explore in detail the bodily capacity to transform, the process of becoming singular, mythic, and other. The driving force of the language is in compound neologisms, none of which are repeated (excepting “featherbone”), but which are rhythmically and tonally resonant throughout. Other language is appropriated from a wide range of sources including Grey’s AnatomyThe Peregrine by J.A. Baker, and The Oxford English Dictionary. Interfacing and fusing poetic, technical, scientific, and mythic language, the FEATHERBONE becomes cyborg: animal, machine, human.


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Winner of a 2016 Eisner Award. This seminal Argentinian science fiction graphic novel was originally released as a serial from 1957–59. Juan Salvo, its inimitable protagonist, along with his friend Professor Favalli and the tenacious metalworker Franco, face what appears to be a nuclear accident, but quickly turns out to be something much bigger than they imagined. Cold War tensions, aliens of all sizes, space—and time travel—this one has it all.


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