1. We’re thinking about the SEAFLOOR and its vastness and sifting through POP cans, dolphin teeth, plastic bags, and then sea grass and SUNKEN boats.
  2. Under the water we see the shapes, SOME of them are ROUND, some of them are like marshmallows, and they leave HOLES, we’re trying to hear.
  3. Oh yes, HERE are our EARS!
  4. We’re thinking about YOU and that thing you WROTE one time and how you showed it to us and we blushed.
  5. Sounds are now coming in under the water. They are wavery. They are anomalous.
  6. They are anomalous like the deep fish, and SCRAPS of paper underwater advertising things from another dimension and time.
  7. We’ve known each other since second grade.
  8. If we can get some of this DOWN before the DRIFT.

Anomalous has its sights set on publishing literary text, advancing audio forms and creation, and supporting all sorts of alternative realities of the near future. The online publication is available in both visual and audio forms on various platforms. In March of 2013, Anomalous launched its first round of print chapbooks.




Drunken Boat is an international journal of literature and the arts. We provide a platform for works of art that challenge conventions of form and format, of voice and genre.

Drunken Boat is committed to actively seeking out and promoting the work of marginalized and underrepresented artists, including especially people of color, women, queer, differently abled, and gender nonconforming artists. We recognize that, as Kazim Ali wrote brilliantly to Aimee Nezhukumatathil: “The notion of an unbiased concept “literary merit” is an inherently and inescapably racist principle. An institution that relies on it is by definition a white supremacist institution.” Drunken Boat recognizes that aesthetics are not neutral, and that difference tends to be marginalized.

Drunken Boat is committed to encouraging experimentation in the arts.

Drunken Boat believes in the importance of compensating artists for their work, and we are working toward financial sustainability, which will allow us to compensate our contributors and our editorial staff for their work.




ALTA is a non-profit, independent arts membership association that provides resources, community, support, advocacy, and professional affiliation to its members: individual translators, academic institutions, presses, and others working in literary translation. Our mission is to support the work of literary translators, advance the art of literary translation, serve translators, and the students, teachers, publishers, and readers of literature in translation.