Well, it’s been a while. I moved, twice, landing in Providence, where I’m happily reading and writing away towards an MFA in poetry at Brown. So I think the tenor of this is exploration is going to shift a little for me. I’m still deeply engaged in translation (I have some new translation work out in Words Without Borders – stunning short story by Ricardo Menéndez Salmón I’ve translated as Life in Flames), that will be apparent. And I’m still invested in indie & online publishing (Anomalous Press made its Pushcart debut this year at #100 on their rankings! Yay!), as the launch of our chapbook series will evidence. But now I’m thinking more and more about poetry, the English-language tradition of poetry specifically. And reading more and more. So that’s what’s going to be coming out in this space.

Just a fair warning. I’m back, and I’m slightly re-focused.