I’ve been slacking in posting here. One reason is that I’m annoyed that both of the wordpress blogs I run (this one and American Literary Translator’s Blog) have had problems with disappearing side-bars, widgets and menus. I’m not super techy, but my husband is and he says it’s not just me, and that there’s no fix yet. Ugh.

Another is that I’ve been traveling. First to PEN World Voices to attend the Best Translated Book Award ceremony (I had the honor of being a poetry judge this year) where I also had a great conversation with Edith Grossman for Reading the World. Then, just a few days later, out to Iowa City, where we’ll be moving this August.

Having just landed at home, I dove into production for issue #2 of Anomalous. Very exciting. Just you wait.

And of course, I’m working non-stop on the syllabus for the course I’m teaching at UMass Boston this summer, Translation as Art. So I’ve been annoyed, over-committed, distracted, bouncing around the country, and oh yeah, injured.